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What is
Love Addiction

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Treatment Services:

  • Individual therapy for those struggling with sex and love addiction
  • Individual therapy for the partners of sex addicts
  • Referrals to 12 step meetings and other supportive services
  • Consultation via phone and Skype for clients and professionals
  • Couples therapy
  • Comprehensive sexual addiction assessments

What is Love Addiction - Love Addiction Therapy

Love addiction is most commonly associated with the compulsive need to be in a relationship or seek the affection of others in an obsessive and compulsive way.

Love addiction can cause one to put themselves at great risk and can overtake one’s life as with any other addiction.  Prioritizing the emotional need and searching for unhealthy attachment of others can often be the result of previous traumatic experiences that can require ongoing therapy to better understand how these experiences connect with those unhealthy attachments.

The love addict can search for a relationship and prioritize it over the rest of their life as it is necessary to feel secure and function.  This need for attachment can be the result of loneliness and isolation and lead one to accept these unhealthy relationships as a suitable way to maintain feelings of comfort, albeit temporary.

The love addicted individual struggles to detach from these unhealthy relationships and typically uses sex and frequent sexual partners as a way to self-soothe and fill an emotional void. Often the search for highly intense and dangerously exciting relationships is sought out by the love addict over safer and more stable relationships.

  • have you struggled to find a long-term and stable loving relationship
  • have you remained in a relationship despite feeling unhappy, lonely and detached
  • have you prioritized an unhealthy relationship over you career, family and friends or other priorities in your life
  • have you engaged in affairs or sexual relationships that were unhealthy and put you at risk

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