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Treatment Services:

  • Individual therapy for those struggling with sex and love addiction
  • Individual therapy for the partners of sex addicts
  • Referrals to 12 step meetings and other supportive services
  • Consultation via phone and Skype for clients and professionals
  • Couples therapy
  • Comprehensive sexual addiction assessments

Sex Addiction Therapy

Sex Addiction can lead a person down the path of pain, loss and self-destruction. Extra-marital affairs, cybersex, voyeurism, exhibitionism and compulsive masturbation are all examples of ways in which a person can begin to lose control over his or her life. Pornographic websites, sex in the media, and drug and alcohol issues are increasingly pervasive in today's society. The lack of compassion and understanding by the general public are making it difficult for those to reach out for help, seek treatment and address the areas to start to improve their lives.

  • Have you been unable to resist sexual impulses?
  • Have you had unsuccessful efforts to stop acting out sexually despite the consequences?
  • Has your behavior progressed over time, putting you at serious risk?
  • Are you prioritizing your acting out sexually over more important things in your life like your marriage, family, job or financial obligations?

Sex addiction is compulsive sexual behavior that leads one to engage in high risk sexual behavior such as infidelity, excessive pornography use, cybersex, engaging with prostitutes, exhibitionism, compulsive masturbation and many other at risk behaviors.  Sex and desired sexual acts can overtake one’s life and continue despite ongoing attempts to stop the behavior. Sexual obsession and preoccupation can often be linked to a traumatic reaction to some previous event in one’s life.

Stop the cycle and begin the road to recovery. Regain control of your life and start the healing process. I offer an evidence-based treatment model developed by Dr. Patrick Carnes, and provide services such as individual psychotherapy, couples/marital counseling, and connection to community supports to help with this complex issue. You are not alone and can make the changes neccesary to take back your life.

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