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Treatment Services:

  • Individual therapy for those struggling with sex and love addiction
  • Individual therapy for the partners of sex addicts
  • Referrals to 12 step meetings and other supportive services
  • Consultation via phone and Skype for clients and professionals
  • Couples therapy
  • Comprehensive sexual addiction assessments

Couples Counseling Sex & Love Addiction Treatment

If you are struggling with verbal and physical intimacy issues in your relationship, you are not alone.  Couples counseling can be effective in not only helping to prevent separation but to help a couple grow a stronger and healthier attachment.  Intimacy is a two way street and there are connections between the emotional and physical attachment of a couple.  The daily stressors of life, balancing jobs and family, and financial stressors can have a profound impact on the strength of a relationship.  Infidelity and porn/cybersex addiction can become an escape from dealing with the difficulties every couple faces.  Teaching couples to work together as a unit, sharing each other’s stressors and emotions and working together to reduce anxiety can not only improve people’s lives as individuals, but can help repair ones relationship.

 The Center for Sex and Love Addiction Process Addresses:

  •  How the sex or love addict and spouse can work together to improve marital and relationship issues, and identify issues that have interfered with the emotional well being of the couple
  • Help understand how past experiences of the sex or love addict and partner have contributed to current relationship issues
  • Learn methods of communicating with children while going through these very difficult and sensitive issues 
  • Improving communication in a relationship which can help to improve both emotional and physical intimacy

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