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Certified Sex Addiction Therapist

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Treatment services:
  • Individual therapy for those struggling with sex and love addiction
  • Individual therapy for the partners of sex addicts
  • Couples therapy
  • Comprehensive sexual addiction assessments

The Center for Sex & Love Addiction provides counseling and treatment for individuals and couples who are dealing with the complex problems involved with sex addiction and love addiction. Our sex and love treatment program enables individuals and couples to stop the cycle, regain control of their lives and begin the road to recovery.

Sex and Love Addiction Treatment Services:

You are not alone and can make the changes necessary to take back your life.
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Sex Addiction Treatment

Sex addiction is compulsive sexual behavior that leads one to engage in high risk sexual behavior such as infidelity, excessive pornography use, engaging with prostitutes and many other at risk behaviors.  Sex and desired sexual acts can overtake one’s life and continue despite ongoing attempts to stop the behavior...

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Love Addiction Treatment

Love addiction is most commonly associated with the compulsive need to be in a relationship or seek the affection of others in an obsessive and compulsive way. This addiction can cause one to put themselves at great risk and can overtake one’s life as with any other addiction...

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